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Aqua Lung SeaFlare Mini Dive Light

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  • Reveal the colors of the deep with a SEAFLARE dive light. Even at shallow depths, warm colors are filtered by the water and the underwater scenery can often look just blue or green. Also, during daylight diving, you can enhance your underwater experienceby enjoying marine life’s true colors; what you thought was only blue and green becomes visible in red and yellow when you shinea light on it. Enjoy night diving with your buddies? See and be seen by other divers in the dark, thanks to the “color beam deflectors.”SEAFLARE users can add a blue, yellow, pink or turquoise color beam deflector to your light beam. You won’t be mistakenfor another diver ever again. The silicone, glow-in the-dark color beam deflectors are collapsible and help to reduce the “lightpollution” so you can focus on what you want to see - without blinding others. The SEAFLAREmini is compact with a punch offering 900-lumen output in its tiny sizes and weight.