Cristina Pedroso - Dive Instructor

Originally from Cuba and raised in Venezuela. Cristina graduated from Babson College, Wellesley, Mass, MBA program. After working many years she gave up the corporate world to become a full time scuba instructor and mom of twins “future divers”. She has been diving for more than 20 years, and always involved in ocean related activities, my passion is diving, she says! Cristina decided to become a PADI Instructor in 2001 and in 2014 became a PADI Master Instructor. Cristina teaches courses in both English and Spanish.

She has professional PADI certifications for the following specialties:

"I love to teach diving! It is so amazing that I can share my passion for diving with my students and also have the opportunity to change other people’s life. I also love to take underwater photos and dive-travel with my husband locally or on liveaboards, I can have fun and enjoy wherever I can find water".

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