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ISC Stage Strap Kit

The Innovative Scuba Concepts Stage Strap Kit is based on straps made from nylon webbing that resists breakage and splitting, to create a durable and long-lasting foundation for stage rigging. It's also better than round cord because it does not stretch and lies very flat against the side of the cylinder. A sewn loop to encircle the neck of the valve together with a crown snap attaches the top of the cylinder to your shoulder strap D-ring. The strap then runs through a piece of vinyl tubing that acts as an optional carrying handle. Another snap is located on the tail of the strap and is held in place with an all stainless steel sheathed clamp at the bottom of the cylinder. The kit includes one high quality elastic hose retainer and two L bolt snaps that are easier to use, particularly with gloves. The hose retainer is a (2 in | 5 cm) wide EPDM elastic band.

This size Large kit will fit cylinders approximately (7.25 in | 18 cm) in diameter (LP-72, LP-80, AL-80, HP-80, LP-85, HP-100; Metric: 9L, 10.5L, 12.2L).

Scuba tank not included.