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Neptune Memorial Reef

The most innovative concept in artificial reef design continues to emerge in 40-feet of water, 3.25 miles east of Key Biscayne, Miami. Wrapped in the silence of the clear blue ocean a new reef is evolving. The Neptune Memorial Reef is attracting recreational scuba divers, as well as homeless fish. Neptune Memorial Reef project is the largest man made reef ever conceived and provides an extraordinary living resting place for the departed, an environmental and ecological masterpiece, a superb laboratory for marine biologists, students, researchers and ecologists, and an aesthetically exquisite, world-class destination for visitors from all walks of life.


  • Type: Artificial Reef
  • Min. Depth: 40 ft. / 12m
  • Max. Depth: 40 ft. / 12m
  • Skill Level: Open Water Diver
  • Location: (See Map Below)