ScubaMax Full Face Snorkeling Mask

The perfect solution for those who are uncomfortable with traditional masks and snorkels! The innovative ScubaMax Full Face Snorkeling Mask and snorkel combo allows you to breathe naturally through your nose and mouth, and covers your entire face to keep it dry. This design completely eliminates mask fogging, so the underwater world below you is always clearly visible.

Do you swim? This full face mask can even aid swimmers who don’t like their faces getting wet. Keep dry, warm, comfortable, fog free and breath easy all in 1.

This product was designed not only for the consumers that are uncomfortable using a typical mask and snorkel, but for anyone who doesn’t like to get water on their face, hates clearing water from their snorkel tube and hates when their mask fogs up.

The key features are:

  • Natural breathing through mouth and nose
  • Dry top snorkel keeps water out and your face dry
  • Wide lens for superior viewing
  • No mask fogging
  • Comfortable silicone sealing skirt
  • Streamlined design

No matter how fun your snorkeling adventure is, the ScubaMax Full Face Snorkeling Mask will take it to a new level!  Use it on your next snorkeling trip.

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