Scubapro Aladin Prime 2 Gauge Computer Console

The Scubapro Aladin Prime is an easy to use, compact, multi-function instrument designed for decompression and nitrox dives from 21 to 50%. The Aladin Prime can be turned on manually or will turn on automatically when submerged. The Analog Pressure Gauge tracks pressures from 0 to 6000 psi and is color coded red from 500 to 0 psi. Information displayed can be changed by toggling through max depth, temperature, time of day, tissue saturation graph, as well as activating the back light. Forget your alarm clock? Not to worry, it can be used as an alarm clock too. With the Aladin Prime you will be warned when to change the battery and the battery is user replaceable. These are just a few of the features incorporated into this sophisticated, yet user friendly dive computer.


  • Usable with nitrox mixes from 21 to 50%
  • Water contact activation can be turned on or off
  • Audible warnings can be turned off
  • De-saturation reset
  • Safety stop timer
  • Dive planner for decompression dives
  • Tissue saturation graphic
  • 25 hours of dive profile storage at 4 second sampling rate
  • Infrared dive profile transfer to Smart Trak software on PC
  • Battery life indicator
  • User replaceable battery
  • During dive, user can toggle through max depth, temperature, time of day and the tissue saturation graphic as well as activate the backlight
  • Watch functions include:
    • 12 or 24 hour clock
    • Wake-up alarm
    • Date and time zone shift for traveling divers
  • Pressure Gauge Features:
    • Scale to 6000psi for use with 3000 and 4350psi tanks
    • Luminous Dial
    • Color Coded Red Reserve Air 500 to 0 psi
    • Compact Design

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