ScubaPro Smart Com Dive Computer Compass Console

The ScubaPro Smart Com Dive Computer Compass Console has been engineered for divers who prefer to host all their information in a console. The console's sensor receives data via a traditional hose attached to the first stage regulator. It includes a dive planner and features infrared technology for data downloading through Smart TRAK. Its memory holds dive profile information of up to 50 hours, stored in 4 second sampling rates. The Smart COM includes a Quick Connect feature for added convenience.


  • Fully-integrated Air or Nitrox dive computer
  • Nitrox Compatible from 21% to 100% in 1% increments
  • Auto Turn on/off
  • Auto Altitude Compensation 13,000 ft (0-4000m)
  • Adaptive Decompression Model Bühlmann ZH-L8 ADT
  • Advanced Microbubble Suppression Technology
  • Air-time/no deco remaining
  • Dive Planner
  • Ambient Temperature Display
  • Backlit Hydroglow Display for Night Diving
  • Stores 99 logged Dives and 50 hours Dive Profiles at 4s frequency
  • 394 ft/120m Depth Limit