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Gently Used Scubapro K3 Dive Knife

The ScubaPro K3 Dive Knife is a compact stainless steel knife, designed to be worn on the BC and can be used as your primary cutting device or as a backup. Very versatile, it is easy to fasten to most webbing, or on the BC.


  • 14.5 cm tempered and fined polished stainless blade and handle
  • Very resistant to corrosion
  • Compact contoured handle
  • Easy to grasp with a knurled area for the thumb
  • Efficient line cutter, screwdriver shaped tip, contoured shackle spanner tool, special serrated edge with 20% more lifetime, fine hollow cutting edge
  • A complete tool which should never leave you
  • Rotating bar on the sheath for easy fastening into the sheath, even with one hand
  • Eyelets for safety lanyard one onto the knife, two onto the sheath