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March 24, 2016 3 min read

Scuba Diving attracts people of varied interests and personas. It is a haven for anyone who loves nature in its raw form. Some dive into the oceans and seas for their love of being surrounded by the water, some have a hunger for adventure, while some go underwater to explore the mystical life beneath its surface.

Often amateur explorers and divers get dumbstruck by the exquisiteness of marine life,  and no one can question their fantasies. The view under the surface attracts millions of people to venture into the water and experience the beauty of nature in person. The underwater fauna appears magical and mesmerises the divers. But I strongly believe that you can always make things better.

In this article, you will find 3 amazing moments that will take your diving experience to the next level. It is recommended that you take suitable precautions, as your negligence can hamper your plans and compromise your safety.

1. Sighting a Shark

Diving and spotting sharks are very closely associated. Tourists and locals, both remain enthusiastic about spotting sharks while diving. I myself, can spend hours just to get a glimpse of these water beasts.

It is an adrenaline rush that no other adventure sport can give. Sighting a shark while diving is one of the most glorious memories of a diver. Obviously, Hollywood has done a lot to increase this madness for Sharks but if you ask an experienced diver, you would find that you need to be fortunate to sight a shark.

  • Everyone wants to see sharks. But sharks are unlike humans. They do not follow a timetable according to which they come to the surface of water. Hence, sighting a shark cannot be guaranteed.
  • Although shark attacks are hyped in the the news, but in reality almostall aquatic life injuries occur due to the defensive behaviour of the animal. Yet sharks get blamed all the time, and chumming is made popular by the over enthusiastic marine explorers.
  • On the other hand, many of the underwater animals appear to be dangerous because of their appearances but are actually quite docile.

2. Bring a Marine Souvenir

I believe that it is extremely enjoyable and also admirable to bring something from the depths of the ocean to the surface. We too encourage divers to venture deep into the oceans and dive sites, and explore the world beneath as it is filled with beauty.

  • Coral, rocks and shells lying on the surface of seabed are the most popular of Marine Souvenirs. Even the shipwreck pieces have some ancient and historical evidences hidden in them, like lost treasure or old currency coins. The souvenirs you bring will always be close to your heart and will remind you of the ecstatic diving experience.
  • But you must understand that appearances can be deceptive. A rock or shell that you might want to take with you might be a living organism, which may be poisonous. Even if it is a harmless species, it is advisable to treat all living organisms as equal both for moral and ethical purpose.
  • It is recommended that you undergo professional scuba training by enrolling yourself in special diving courses to gain the required knowledge and experience which will help you distinguish between harmless and hazardous organisms.

3. Need to be Lucky to see a JellyFish

Jellyfish do not attack divers. The chances of a diver getting injured by the sting of jellyfish is quite a rare possibility. Under the water, they are a treat to watch.

  • The only threat from the jellyfish is their long and transparent tentacles. While diving underwater, it is extremely difficult for the divers(especially inexperienced ones) to spot these tentacles and there is a high probability that they may swim right into them. It is recommended that youwear good quality eye gears while diving.
  • Wearing a full length wetsuit is an efficient method of avoiding contact with these tentacles. Also, divers may consider probing about the jellyfish before diving in a new location. The local diving guides and instructor can educate you about such threats.


We believe that all you require for a safe and amusing diving experience isgood quality equipments, professional training and adequate knowledge about the marine life. Some small precautions and information about the aquatic life can go a long way in helping out the divers to enjoy diving. For further information on quality Scuba Diving gears and enrolling yourself in professional diving coursescontact today.

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