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4 Helpful Tips To Over Scuba Diving Fear And Anxiety

June 07, 2018 3 min read

Scuba diving is happiness, a great fun, an amazing time to expand the horizons, meeting new people and taking on new challenges. However, scuba divers, especially the newbies, often experience diving fear and anxiety at times. Even chances are a new scuba diver can feel seasickness, claustrophobia and other fears. No matter, whether it is concerned about breathing in an ocean or being puzzled by all diving gear and equipment- scuba diving can be quite distressing when you try it for the first time.

It's possible to overcome all diving fears with patience and work.  There are certain helpful techniques that can be quite helpful to those with acute stress achieve their dreams. Fear is normal and in fact, it's a part of the diving experience. Well, it's important for a new diver to know how to handle it while diving.

Here are four tips from North Miami Divers to overcome fears as a new scuba diver.


Most of us don't realize how we breathe each day, but underwater the breathing noise with the use of a respirator can be heard easily, which can be a little bit weird initially. So, it's better to keep calm and breathe slowly and regularly. Being in a panic state can be dangerous for new scuba divers and lead to poor decisions in an emergency situation. Don't panic! There are several breathing techniques that you can practice to reduce stress, calm the mind and avoid the chances of underwater panic.


Any well-established scuba diving class will ensure that every diver has a buddy before they do to dive. Well, it's an essential safety procedure so that all the new and experienced divers can dive carefully and cooperate with each other underwater. Try to buddy up with someone more experienced than you. Also, diving with a group can give you a peace of mind and makes you feel more comfortable while diving.  This also gives a great opportunity to meet new people and make friends who can you talk about your underwater experience later on.


There are more than thousands of scuba diving centers worldwide and every center holds a different experience. Ahead of joining the diving center, try to visit the diving school and meet your driving instructor. Make a point to ask as many as questions you can to him or her and explain your concerns.  Well, most of the diving instructors are very helpful and help trainees to deal with what is going around them. In case you are nervous, private training may be another good option.


Scuba diving is an exciting activity, so treat it as an opportunity, to explore underwater life and so something different. It's a great experience, and can also be a cool task and wonderful hobby.  There are many people in the world who don't want to try diving in their lifetime, so it's the best time to over their fears to this thrilling activity. Remember, we have only one life. Live it to the fullest!


Overcoming scuba diving fears does take time and a lot of patience but it's not impossible. Making scuba diving enjoyable and effortless in the meantime is important for every diver.

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