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Give Long Life To Your Dive Gear: List Of Things To Avoid

August 08, 2018 2 min read

Scuba diving is both an exciting and adventurous underwater activity enjoyed by a majority of people. It is perhaps, an excellent way to explore the beautiful marine life, getting up close with fantastic secrets and wonders of the underwater world and enjoying to see the breathtaking and diverse inhabitants. There are many more reasons, why you should try scuba diving at least once in your life.

For the majority of people, going for a scuba dive is not an everyday activity.  If you are a scuba diver, lucky enough to go for a dive every weekend, or only gets to try this wonderful activity once a year, chances are that your love for scuba diving can take you to an extent to purchase your own personal scuba diving gear and equipment.

No matter, whether you are just buying a set of fins or mask, or a wetsuit, a set of dive gear and equipmentis truly a big investment. However, poor cleaning methods, improper care and maintenance and other factors can take a toll on your newly purchased equipment.

If you are interested to keep your shinyscuba dive gear and equipment in a tip-top condition, scroll down to check out the list of things that can destroy your equipment so, that you can take proper care of it.


It’s quite strange to believe, but,  yes the sun can be blamed to destroy your dive gear and equipment. Want to know how? The sun rays tend to dry your dive gear equipment first, but the harmful UV rays coming from the sun completely break down their fabric and rubber. It's wise not to leave your gear and equipment in the direct sunlight. You can keep your equipment in the shade for drying it and by doing so, you can extend its lifespan.


As mentioned, a set of scuba dive or equipment is a big investment so, consider storing your investment in a proper way. Scuba gear and equipment demands for special storage requirements with proper care. So, never pack your gear when its wet, wait until it's completely dry so that the fabric and rubber do not get damage. Plus, metal parts become rusty when wet and end up smelling bad.  Always store your equipment in a clean and damp-proof box. Remember that, if you will take proper care while storing your dive gear and equipment, it will last longer.


The seawater is another biggest reasons that can destroy your dive gear and equipment.  The metals and alloys have the chances to get corroded when exposed to salty sea water. This is why it's advisable to do a freshwater rinse after every dive.  Prevention of corrosion is much cheaper than repairing or buying a new set and can extend the life of your gear.

So, these were some of the big NO-NOS when it comes to the maintenance and care of scuba dive gear.

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