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It's Time Say Goodbye to These Worst Scuba Diving Habits

September 19, 2018 2 min read

It's a human nature, every one of us tends to turn a little careless when we get used to doing something often, but that is not the right way to do a thing and it's not safe at all, especially when you are diving. There are some divers, especially the experienced ones skip buddy checks, abbreviate the equipment checks, remove the mask etc. While few of these bad habits can be ignored, some of them can lead to a truly dangerous situation. This blog calls attention to those bad habits that every diver should avoid ASAP in order to set their path to a relaxing and funscuba diving world.


Just imagine yourself moving with a pile of bricks on your shoulder on the stairs.  The bricks can be an improper weight on your body, chances are your body can become heavy because if this weight. New divers often carry a heavy weight on their body and maybe are used to it. However, the only drawbacks of this that- being overweight during a dive can make it hard to get neutral buoyancy that leads to more air consumption.  


This is another bad habit that few divers need to change.  Do not push yourself to keep with other divers. Invest your time to assemble all your diving gear and equipment and don't skip to follow each step in the biddy check before you start to dive. Remember that a good diver is always a relaxed and calm diver. Trying to dive beyond your limits in order to keep with others can result in severe accidents and other dangerous situation.


Owning your personal set of dive gear have several advantages rather than borrowing or renting. One of them is your personal set of dive gear will fit you well and be familiar to you. Just think about borrowing a mobile phone versus having your own device. Still not sure about buying your first set of dive gear?Check out this link. Once you purchased your personal gear, proper care and maintenance are important, as it can increase the lifespan of your dive gear and equipment.


It takes some time in getting familiar with new things, and the same thing also goes for scuba diving. If you are a new diver it will take you some time to understand about the underwater environment: monitoring your air, buoyancy and other things. As a novice diver, it's important to learn properly and gain experience before jumping to other activities like shooting videos or photos. Trying to step into many new things at once can put you in a dangerous situation.

To end it up, those listed above are some of the common bad habits noted in most new as well as experienced scuba divers. If you are also used to any of these worst habits,  it's the right time to break up with them. If you are planning a dive trip in South Florida, talk to us to get amazing deals and offers.

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