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New Scuba Divers : Common Mistakes To Avoid

March 05, 2018 2 min read

Taking ascuba diving course in Miami during summer vacation trip sure is a great idea. Miami is a major port located on Florida’s southeastern tip. Therefore Miami’s marine life is a great attraction for scuba divers. If you are a new scuba diver, there are many of unknown facts. Nobody is born perfect in performing activities especially totally new activity like scuba diving. Everything is exciting and new, that leads some newbies to make some mistakes.

Yet, some newbie diver mistakes can progress from a little frustration to a big embarrassment, too expensive mistakes financially, and even worse. If you want to set yourself on the path to relaxing scuba diving career, you should avoid the below mentioned costly mistakes.

  • If you are a beginner then it will take you some time in order to get familiar with being in an underwater environment: monitoring your air, buoyancy, and also being aware of the position relative to other divers and underwater plants. As a newbie, it's always essential to get some diving experience acquired before you add extra activities such as shooting underwater video or photos. Doing too many things at once can put the load on your brain.

  • Whether you are feeling  under-weighted or overweight while scuba diving,this has happened because you  did not perform a buoyancy check before diving. In case if anything has changed from your last buoyancy check such as gain or loss, fresh water instead of salt water,  different thickness, then you should immediately do another one to ensure that you are weighted properly.

  • This is one of the most common mistakes usually made by new divers. Newbies should never push themselves to keep up with experienced scuba divers. Don't forget they're experienced and are at different levels.  If you are a new diver you should take your time to assemble your gears and remember do perform each step in the buddy check before each dive you do. A good scuba diver is always a relaxed and controlled diver. Diving outside of your experience and limits trying to rush towards experienced divers is how accidents take place. It's better to stay controlled and slow.

  • A set of new and personalscuba diving gear might be costly, but this investment is a good one. Just imagine when you live in a rented apartment versus living in your own apartment. With time you know exactly the gear you wear while scuba diving, where is what and how they behave.  Your personal gear will be familiar to you and will fit well. Once you invest in personal gear, do a good maintenance, good maintenance serve you many years.

    To sum up, the above given were a few common mistakes newbies make, both subtle and obvious. Are you planning a dive trip to Miami,get in touch with us! You can also get advice from us regarding types of diving equipment.

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