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Scuba Tips : How to Control your Breath Underwater

September 13, 2017 2 min read

Scuba diving can be adventurous and can take you a place where you have never been before. Do you like scuba diving? Are you diving from a long time or you are a new scuba diver?Do you usually end up diving before your friends do? Here are some tips for you to control your breath underwater. These tips will help new as well old divers who want to improve their breathing techniques while diving.

Tip 1.  Learn to Breathe

The major rule of scuba diving is to never hold your breath. Try to breathe naturally, the more you will focus on how you are breathing the more faster you will run through air pressure. One of the best way of not focusing on your breathing is to focus on what are you doing and how are your doing. If you will stay calm your body will require less oxygen. Always breathe deeply and slowly. Think about yoga while diving ,breathe very slowly both exhale and inhale deeply. It's better to practice breathing deeply at home it can be helpful to you.

Tip 2. Use Swim Fins

Scuba Divers use swim fins not only for compensating for the additional drag of the diving equipment, fins helps divers to swim more efficiently. Efficiency is essential to get most of the bottom time, using less energy means you are breathing less. Try to avoid using hands while swimming. This can be tricky for new divers. But if you will improve your buoyancy control and try to learn most of your swimming around with your swim fins, you will have to  rely less on your hands for stability while swimming.

Tip 3. Dive Slowly

Dive Slowly, as scuba diving is not about how fast you can swim but it's all about how much ground you cover while diving. While diving, divers always tend to compete on surfaces with more air.  Avoid moving around, go with the water flow and enjoy every second.

Tip 4. Dive Shallower

The  most important thing new divers are always taught about is to dive shallower. The more deeper you will dive the more air you will consume and the more shorter your dive will become. If you will dive shallower, you can dive a few feet apart from rest of your group or just above that and you can conserve a bit more air.

Tip 5. Reduce Leaks

Don't miss anything important though. Always check your oxygen leaks, connection points and inflator hose carefully for any leaks if there, before you strat a dive. Try to get the service of your scuba equipment regularly and most importantly by professionals. It is one of the simple and best way to stop wastage of air.


The more you dive the more you will become comfortable under water. Whether you are a new or old diver,  always keep the above tips in your mind for controlling your breath underwater. For more tips related to scuba dive,get in touchwith us !

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