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Things To Do When Surfacing Away From A Boat

November 02, 2016 2 min read

Diving trips and activities are usually conducted under the strict guidance of experts. However, this does not exempt the requirement that a diver should know what to do when scuba diving.

One situation you should definitely prepare for is when surfacing down a current from the boat. Although this isn’t a critical or emergency situation, it nonetheless requires a calm response. It is important that you know these things in these situations so you will not panic and can remain calm.

So, here are 4 steps that you should know if you suddenly move away from your boat.

Step 1: You are not stronger than the current

The only way you could move away from current is if the water is soft and mild. Once it gets stronger, it becomes pointless to move against the force. Instead, try swimming diagonally across the current so that you can grab a tag line. If you feel like nothing is working, don’t try overworking and instead save your energy to look around for your boat to arrive.

Try your best to not panic and enjoy the beauty of the ocean while waiting for your life preserver.

Step 2: Pass Visible or audible signals

There are a lot of services that can be used around water like safety sausages, signal mirrors, and air horns as well as much more. This way, experts will have an easier time finding and locating you. Carry a few of these resources with you on your next underwater trip to use in such situations.

Step 3: Keep the communication clear and effective

Now that you are spotted, make sure that you do not over excite or panic yourself in passing the message. If you are in a safe condition, signal an expert by raising both of your arms overhead and touching your fingertips over your head to make an “O” shape. In dangerous situations, raise your hand and wave it quickly in a horizontal position.

When a boat comes close to you, explain the entire situation to them and try to connect with the original boat you were diving.

Step 4: Stay Calm and comfortable

There are situations when the boat doesn’t arrive immediately after seeing you. This is because it can not leave the spot before all the other divers climb up to the boat. Use your time wisely and try to relax. Ensure yourself that you are in a correct position before admiring your surroundings. Remember, an ideal position consist of bringing your knees close to your chest and wrapping them around your arms to stay warm.

Taking along your essentials is always an important step in adventure trips. Make sure you have all that you need for such underwater trips.

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