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Tips To Improve your Diving Skills by Practicing on Land

August 10, 2016 2 min read

Are you planning to go for an experience of lifetime? Scuba is like a dream for many and when you have got a chance to live this dream, make sure that you are ready for it. No matter if you are an experienced diver or a beginner, these pre-diving tips are sure to make yourdiving trip even more memorable.

1. Use your Compass navigation the right way

Enhance our navigation skills when you are on land so that you may work with it like a prowhen you are underwater. Use open spaces like parks or beaches to get a hang of your navigating compass.
To start with this, choose a straight land and stand by facing towards your destination. Make sure that your compass is kept straight. One you are sure of the straight path, move to the complexed routes.
The underwater navigation will become a very easy process if you are sure of the method on land.

2. Exercises and Yoga can be a help

Proper exercises are crucial for better health and best diving experience. Exercises including strength, streches, flexibility, weightlifting and endurance enhancement are all beneficial for a perfect underwater diving experience. Exercising different parts of the body can provide various benefits like upper body and arms makes handling body weight and other gadgets easier. Leg muscle exercises helps to reduce the chances of cramps.

One major requirement for a perfect diving experience is to know about the breathing techniques. Breathing exercises helps you to get a relaxed feeling and also manages the heart rate. Doing this bring calmness in the body and also reduces the level of air consumption.

A good way to go about this is to add exercises and yoga in your daily routine. These practices ensure a good health and active body. It also makes your diving experience more memorable.

3. Make yourself Mentally ready

Imagining and visualising yourself in the dive can be a great help in eliminating the nervousness and fear. When a person continuously imagines himself/ herself being under water, they are in a way preparing their neural pathways to do so. The brains is adaptive to familiar conditions and situations, thus, visualisation is a big help in preparing yourself mentally for the perfect diving experience.

4. Know as much as you can

Expanding your knowledge about diving will immensely increase your excitement and also, this will make you more confident. When you are preparing yourself for your dive, research as much as you can. Look at the pictures, read the blogs and know what all takes to have a perfect diving experience.

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