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Why You Should Use a Lift Bag While Scuba Diving

December 06, 2016 2 min read

For divers, lift bags are the tools of the trade. Lift bags provide a variety of uses for divers, helping to raise heavy underwater objects to the surface and marking the location of scuba divers in the deep sea.

What is a lift bag?

Lifting bag consist of a durable and airtight bag with straps. The science behind the lifting of objects from underwater is by means of the bag’s buoyancy. The lifting bags are also used as surface markers and used by the scuba divers to maintain the level of depth during safety stops.

There are mainly two kinds of lift bags: open lift bags and closed lift bags.

Open lift bags - Also known as parachute lift bags, open lift bags are open at the bottom to make way for the surplus expanding air to leave. These are generally two-sided bags, juxtaposed on the two sides or at the edges and have webbing straps.

Closed lift bags - Also known as camels, these lift bags are designed in such a way that the internal pressure does not exceed the ambient pressure more than the required amount. For this functionality, a valve is fitted, which ensures the same.

Uses of lift bags

Although lift bags have various purposes in real life, for scuba divers, it serves two main purposes that are utterly necessary for safety: for ascent and for signaling.

To hang in water with ease

With a lifting bag, it’s easier for divers to keep themselves hung underwater without expending too much energy. Thus, the scuba diver can easily focus on the safety stop and enjoy the resplendent view around with a lot of corals, colorful fishes, sea plants and much more.

For signaling locations

The lift bags are also used by the scuba divers to notify a team above the surface about their location in the blue waters. When the lift bags rise to the surface, the boat crew understands the diver’s position under the water and thus, it becomes easier for them to track.

Therefore, if you are planning to go scuba diving, don’t  forget to consider a lifting bag for safety.Squalo Divers had an array of diving equipment, including high quality and durable lifting bags. To order your own share of diving items,Contact Us today!

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