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Our store front is open. We remain operating to assist all important workers of our city, and to fill tanks for a multitude of businesses.

What this means for You:

  • If you have a need to fill air tanks or require service on your tank, we are here for you⁠.
  • Our retail section is still open providing you with gear, and accessories. Our hope is that for those who are certified with a certified buddy, have access to a pool, and want to keep skills relevant; that you have the option to purchase your own clean safe gear for use, and of course still have a bit of fun!
  • We have a classroom and pool on site, Therefore, we are available for pool only related classes like Discover Scuba, Scuba Review, Basic Freediving, and private classes⁠. We are also able to teach classroom only classes like CPR, Nitrox, Equipment Specialist, Oxygen Provider, Project AWARE, and AWARE Coral Reef Conservation.

Precautions we are taking⁠:

  • On our front door,we’ve installed a foot only Step N Pull door opener for a hands free entrance⁠.
  • We reduced the number of staff inside the store. All staff must wear a face mask during store hours.
  • We are asking everyone who comes in to the store, to use our provided hand sanitizer or wash their hands in our bathroom⁠.
  • We are also asking everyone to wear a face mask.
  • We clean with disinfectant every horizontal surface, door handle, and POS after each and every customer interaction.
  • Following the recommendations from our friends at NOVA, we now use Madacide-1 to sanitize the store before closing. This includes all rental gear used during the day.
  • We are asking customers to allow us to grab them any retail items they may want to see, to limit contact with our retail selection.

For questions or further assistance please contact us.

We look forward to hearing about the health and safety of all of you during this time and hope to rejoin you in the water soon!