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PADI Deep Diver Specialty Course

Some of the best recreational diving takes place in water deeper than 60 feet (18 meters). Such dives include wrecks and walls. The Deep Diver course builds on the skills you acquire as part of the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course to help enable you to make these dives safely and more effectively.

Among the topics you will learn:

  • The purpose, problems, hazards, planning, preparation, equipment (additions and modifications), air supplies, personnel, techniques, gas management, emergency procedures (including location and transportation to a hyperbaric chamber) and depth limits for recreational diving.
  • Decompression-related topics include nitrogen narcosis and decompression sickness (definition, cause, symptoms, signs, first aid and prevention) history of decompression, concepts, use of dive computers, definition of terms, problems, principles and techniques.
  • Complete coverage of Repetitive Dive Tables, work sheets, problem solutions, exceptions and dive planning are also included.
  • Altitude diving, flying after diving and hyperbaric chamber access and operation is included, as well as other short- and long-term deep diving hazards.

Who Can Enroll?

This course is open to divers who are:

What Is Involved?

This course consists of:

  • Self study.
  • One classroom session.
  • Four open water training dives.

Where And When Do Classes Take Place?

Self study takes place at the comfort of your home. Classroom session takes place right here at Squalo Divers. Open water dives take place at one of more than 50 dive sites that we have to offer.

Deep Diver Specialty classes start at any time. Classroom session is done during regular store hours. Open water training dives are done any day of the week. All activities take place by appointment only. 

What Is Included In The Cost?

The course fee is $429.99 per person and includes:

  • All instruction.
  • Four open water training dives.
  • Use of regulator, bcd, tanks and weights.
  • Certification card processing.

    What Equipment Will You Need?

    Students are responsible for supplying all of the equipment items listed below:

    • Scuba mask, scuba snorkel, scuba fins.+
    • Adequate exposure protection.* +
    • Dive computer.* +
    • Underwater compass.*+
    • Bathing suit and towel.

    *Items are available for rent at Squalo Divers.

    +Items are available for purchase at Squalo Divers.