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PADI Replacement Card

Your PADI certification card is proof you’ve successfully completed your PADI training. If you want to replace your card, purchase a PADI E-Card or purchase a Project AWARE card – you've come to the right place. You now have the option of selecting between a PADI eCard™, a plastic replacement card or both!

Not sure what to choose?
  • Plastic replacement cards - you'll have 2 options to choose from: Standard or Project AWARE*.
  • PADI eCard - an electronic version of the plastic certification card that displays information needed to verify certification on mobile devices. You’ll have 2 options to choose from: Standard or Project AWARE*.
*Project AWARE choices will automatically include a $10 donation to the Project Aware Foundation.
If you plan to order a PADI eCard:
You can download eCards to multiple devices within the same OS family (for example, Apple’s iOS 3.x, 4.x, etc) or redownload cards when upgrading devices within the same OS family. You will need to repurchase your eCards if you switch operating systems.