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Reef Guard Medallion

Miami Dade Reef Guard Association is a non profit organization that strives to protect and preserve Miami's natural and artificial reefs. There are an estimated 48 miles of natural reefs that run adjacent to Miami's beaches. Just over half (25 miles) of this reef lies within the Biscayne National Park leaving the remaining 23 miles the responsibility of Miami-Dade Department of Environmental Resources Management.

Damage to our reefs comes from many sources such as pollution, global warming, agricultural runoff, sewage outfall, increasing ocean acidity, and boat anchoring.

The moorings are created by drilling into the live rock, setting an 18" stainless steel anchor and filling the rock with cement exposing a small loop that a line is tied off to that runs to the surface where it meets a mooring ball. The mooring ball has another line attached that floats on the surface providing the option for local boats to tie up as opposed to dropping anchor and damaging our reefs. 

Organizations such as Miami Dade Reef Guard Association help contribute funds to constant on-going maintenance needed on these mooring buoys.

Make a $10-$200 donation to Miami Dade Reef Guard Association to protect our precious coral reefs and receive one of this years pink medallions!