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March 19, 2016 3 min read

Scuba Diving invokes an image of clear water, cool ocean breeze and colorful marine life whenever you think about it. This sight or thought ignites humans to venture out into the water and explore the oceans.

The adventurous spirit and passion for the sea, inspires people all around the world to participate in Scuba Diving. The reasons and motives for each individual to partake in this activity could range from sheer interest, to making a livelihood or simply an undying passion for underwater photography.

Therefore, I decided to come up with a brief guide to Scuba Diving to help you familiarize with the basics of Scuba Diving and what you need to know before you go for your first dip in the ocean.

Getting started

Scuba diving requires some essential equipment before even planning to get your feet wet. The equipment may vary according to your skillset and diving objectives. It is highly recommended to be equipped with the right kind of scuba gear before venturing out into the ocean. It is crucial that you buy quality gear to ensure a safe and delightful experience.

Equipment like dive computers, underwater cameras and dive lights not only help you record and share your dive experiences but also help you take your diving to the next level.There are many different details regarding scuba gear so make sure to get some expert knowledge by visiting your local dive shop.

There are many diving schools with highly experienced dive instructors. Ensure that the instructor under whom you are training is a PADI certified professional who is qualified to train beginners and experts alike.

There are a number of courses, starting from beginners to expert level for scuba diving. As a beginner, you start with the entry level course and then progress on to more advanced levels. There are many examples of people who have ventured into scuba diving out of interest and then went on to make the most of it throughout their lives.

Benefits of Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving offers numerous benefits other than the pleasure of exploring the underwater world.

1. You can satisfy your hunger for adventure and the adrenaline that many crave for. This may be the only adventure sport that photographers and marine researchers both, have been known to have attempted.

2. It improves flexibility and agility of the body. The amount of effort that goes into carrying the breathing apparatus and using the fins underwater can surely build your muscle strength.

3. A study reveals that those who dive on a regular basis are less prone to heart attacks and have better blood circulation in their body.

4. Scuba diving also helps in improving the health of your lungs. While you breathe in through the regulator, you expand your muscles to absorb more oxygen.

5. Scuba involves swimming, which implicates that scuba diving gives you some of the benefits that you get from swimming.

Things to Keep in Mind

While scuba diving is highly enjoyable, there are certain measures that beginners ought to be aware of. Such as proper training and necessary equipment are to be used by the entry level divers for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Guidance can be considered essential for avoiding any hurdles for anyone who is trying it for the first time. It is advisable to go through a professional and certified training school for divers so that you don't end up risking your life.

Having said that, this is where it all begins. The fun never dies out and with the right amount of practice and safety precautions, you can learn to ‘live’ underwater.

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