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March 19, 2016 3 min read

Tired of diving in the same old reefs? From saltwater to freshwater, drift diving to shore diving and with a number of wrecks that you won't find anywhere else, Miami welcomes you to experience Underwater Diving with the best Diving destinations in the U.S.

The beautiful islands, a subtropical climate and the warm water makes Miami a perfect diving spot for every diver. Miami has got some of the most amazing Scuba diving destinations that makes it the “Wreckreational” capital of the world! Just make your pick out of these five for your next dive!

  • Neptune Memorial Reef: An Underwater Cemetery

Neptune Memorial is the world’s first underwater cemetery. Standing 45 feet below the surface, this cemetery is beautifully designed with gates, plaques and even benches, making it not only one of the world's largest man-made reef but also a resting spot for those who loved diving.

Located 3.5 miles east of Key Biscayne in Miami, Neptune Memorial offers exquisite statues and sites surrounded with small tropical fish. The site catches the eyes of many tourists visiting the reef and is one of my few favorite diving destinations.

  • Biscayne Artificial Reef
  • Key Biscayne Artificial Reef is one of the most popular artificial reefs in Miami that tourists and locals alike look forward to exploring. A 120-foot freighter, once used to haul bananas from Central America, is now a dive spot that calms the hunger of adventure for regular divers. Resting at 55 feet under the water surface and with a spectacular view of the aquatic life makes this dive spot an excellent location for diving.

  • Belzona Barge

  • The Belzona Barge is a 215-feet steel barge sunk originally at 70 feet below the sea surface. A hurricane moved the barge to its current location, 35 feet deep. Being the shallowest wreck dive in Miami, it is considered as a perfect diving spot for the novice divers. If you want to experience the excitement of wreck diving without the hazards of deep diving, the Belzona Barge is the best place for you. Stingrays, Lobsters, Eels and even Sea-Turtles call this wreck their home.


  • Emerald Reef


    1 mile east of Key Biscayne lies a beautiful diving spot:The Emerald Reef. The shallow reef patch makes it the perfect diving spot for the amateur divers and snorkelers. The Emerald Reef is one of the biggest natural reefs in Miami. Brain coral, Pillar coral and the abundance of tropical fish makes it an outstanding dive site for all divers who like to explore and research on various species of fish. Good lighting and visibility conditions makes this dive site a must-visit dive spot for the people who love underwater photography.

  • Army Tanks

  • This dive spot is famous for its two 40-ton vietnam army tanks placed 40 feet below the surface. The Army Tank site is also known as aWreck Trek and is a part of shallow artificial reef site.

    The two tanks are separated by a “wall” made of huge Limestone boulders. Apart from adding esthetic features to the diving spot, it also serves as the home for marine life as they have a lot of space to conceal themselves inside.

    Scuba is a buddy-driven sport. It is always fun and safe to be surrounded by the people you know. In Miami, you can find excellent Dive professionals who can be your dive buddy, in premium dive shops such asSqualo Divers, who can assist you in exploring these pristine dive locations. So, pack yourdiving gear today and set out for a memorable diving experience.

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