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How Deep Breathing exercises help improve a Diver’s Health

June 10, 2016 3 min read

I breathe. You breathe. We breathe.

Breathing is an integral function to keep our body up and running. The lack of oxygen will lead to deterioration of the cells in our body which will further lead to severe issues, with the possibility of death being a reasonable concern. And as seasoned diver, the breathing system’s healthy function is of paramount importance if you hope to return alive.

So how important is breathing?


If we enhance our deep breathing skills and maintain a healthy lifestyle, we can addyears to our life while keeping it happier, productive and energetic. Better yet, deep breathing is also known as a capable stress buster alongside many health benefits. But in our busy schedule, we often miss this important facet of life and rather resort to shallow breathing; which is likely to cause problems to our health in the long term.

We needn't focus on breathing each an every second of our lives for the rest of the years to come, but hyper focusing at the initial stage to train our breathing apparatus to intake longer gust of air for a limited period of time can help make it autonomous. AtSqualo Divers, we believe that with a little effort, you can do it too.

Here are six awesome benefits of deep breathing to improve your health:

1- Breathing in deep makes you calmer

As a seasoned diver, believe me- when you step into the mysterious world of the marine life, nothing holds primary importance than nerves of steel and regular breathing patterns to stay calm.

While breathing shallow, our muscles constrict causing less oxygen to reach the cells. You get to feel your muscles tighten which in turn shoots up the levels of cortisol and adrenaline. With deeper breaths, you can effectively channel your inner chi and turn ‘off’ the switch from “high alert” to normal and remain in control of your body and environment.

2- Works wonders in detoxification of your inner systems

Carbon dioxide is a natural toxic waste which our body expels by removing it from the blood and transporting it to the lungs to be pushed outward into the atmosphere. But with shallow breathing, our inner systems have to work double time to expel the excess in diverse ways which leads to a weaker immunity system.

“Where 70% of our detoxification relies on our breathing patterns, deep breathing exercises helps in cleansing the body.”

3-  Happiness goes through the roof

Happiness is controlled by certain chemical hormones in your brain. Healthy breathing leads to a well functioning brain system which further aids in secreting hormones to induce appropriate moods and control pain.

4- Relieves Pain-No, you aren't immortal

When you are in pain, the natural response is to hold your breath. Deep breathing helps release endorphins which are the body’s “feel good” natural painkillers and help release some of your pain. It might not make you feel immortal, but hey, you are bound to relax.

5- Deep breathing enhances the cardio- system

Aerobic exercises which rely on cardio uses fat as energy while Anaerobic (strength exercise) which relies on strength uses glucose. The more you breathe in, the healthier your glucose and fat levels retained in your body leading to effective cardio vascular system management.

6- Your digestive system picks up the pace

The blood flow purifies your digestive system which in turn increases its efficiency. As a diver, it's necessary that your diet doesn't interfere with your swimming or diving habits. Thus long - deep breaths help increasing the oxygen intake and let your digestive tracks perform in an optimal fashion for the longer run.

If you intend to visit North Miami’s beaches for some snorkelling and fun, dropus a visit.

We’d love to meet you.

Stay Frosty.

Have Fun.

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