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Snorkeling: A fun way to explore the depths

June 20, 2016 3 min read

Snorkeling is fun and easy. But it's not Scuba diving

For the aquaphobes who can't help but stay out of the water this could come as a surprise- Snorkeling isn't hard.
Just put on your snorkeling mask and fall face flat into the water.

Presto, enjoy the beauty of the under sea marine ecosystem. Its that easy!! Too easy if you ask me.

Fishes of all sizes and shapes roam through crystal clear water bodies. So vibrant that some of them are yet to be discovered and classified by the scientific community till date. You needn't have expensive gear or tremendous fitness to dive into the shallows, but just a few tips to help make your visit more memorable.

Is Snorkeling the same as Scuba diving?

No, they are two different areas of diving. Scuba diving requires extensive training, certification and divers with experience. Meanwhile, their gear is expensive as they dive much further into the reaches of the ocean floor than snorkelers do. Due to the extensive diving, they breath from cylinders strapped to their backs for more ‘air time’.

Snorkeling takes far less equipment and requires a bare minimum of training. You can strap on a snorkeling mask, dive in and enjoy the view while sticking close to the surface. With practice, you can dive in a bit deeper to take a closer look but need to resurface for emptying the tube off water and breathe.

Tip #1- Never rent the cheapest equipment

Rental places are quite busy to hang around with. It's better if you’d have a deep insight into your size and features to pick the apt accessories. For security and comfort, see that they don't leak.

Try adry snorkel- it has a valve that seals shut when you dive underwater. For an amateur snorkeler, this is a good equipment that can help enhance his experience.

When it comes to fins, see to it that it's neither too tight nor too loose. A fin slipping off in the heat of the moment when you need it the most is potentially dangerous. Keep in mind that your feet will get wet and they are lightly to shrink a bit. So a snug fit wouldn't be a wise decision.

Tip #2- Practice

Check if the rented equipment is of the right size and fit. Since you need time to get used to the gear, we  suggest you practice with wearing them. How does the snorkel feel on your mouth? Is it awkward? Can you adjust the height and angle of your snorkel?

It does take a while for your body to get used to diving. We suggest picking a safe spot for practice- a swimming pool or a shallow beach. Kick around a little. Focus to learn the technique of purging water through your snorkel should they fill up.

Tip #3- It's fun

At Squalo Divers, we believe that Swimming is fun. Learn to take it casually. You need to focus on breathing slow and steady in a pace that lets you breeze through with your gear. Learn to float without much effort. Unless under threat, resort to swim gracefully and in peace.

If you intend to visit North Miami’s beaches for some snorkelling and fun, drop by for a visit. We’d love to meet you.

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