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How to make the most out of your wreck diving?

October 11, 2017 3 min read

We all know how exciting it is to experience scuba diving. If you haven’t done yet then i’am sure that it already created space in your bucket list long before. Every ocean has this secret which is buried down on its surface.

Now imagine, how thrilling would it be for the divers to find out the mystery behind it and then exploring it live. If you find ship in any ocean down there then believe me the story behind it is unknown to you, And the cover will be only unfolded by the divers.

So maybe, it is possible that you are going to one of the scuba diving trip this summer with some wreck diver and gearing up yourself to get the most out of it or you are the newbie of the town who wants to make the most out of your next scuba diving.

Okay this article going to bring lot of stuff to you on wreck diving, be prepare and look at some critical points to make your next diving filled with full adventure, thrill and excitement with safety.

Find out about the wreck, conduct in-depth research

The first and the most essential part of any wreck diving is finding about how did wreck reach there at bottom? Is the ship or a plane sank during world war, is there any other story behind it. May be it is possible the wreck is now a grave where diving is forbidden check about this also. There are specific laws in which it is written what part you can’t access or explore.

Safety is also a factor, if you’re a trained diver who can even survive with nitrogen then it is quite safe for you to go little deep down towards bottom. In case, you’re new and not went that much long down before then take some guidance from others about the air room etc. make sure whenever you diving deep towards bottom then there should be one spare cylinder of oxygen has to be on your back in case of emergency.

Wreck’s main point of interest

After you done with finding all the essential details about wreck and done with reviewing official guidelines issued by law. The next thing you need to do is look for a main points of interest in a wreck. Obviously, it will depend on what are your objectives and personal choice that seems interested to you and worth diving for. Plan your entire route with your friend or guide with whom you are diving. Ask other divers who went there before to know about the way. Most of the divers are interested in looking anchor more than diving deep to the end point of wreck, some even look for a boilers room instead. Share your aspirations and then dive into it by obtaining proper knowledge.

In addition to this, every diver wants to take piece from wreck as a memory. Prepare yourself for that too how you gonna carry and bring it to the top. That also depends on your choice and size you are bringing. Click pictures for memory instead, if everyone start taking peice than nothing will be left for future divers to see.

Wreck’s hazard point

Other than the exciting part of planning, it is very important to be prepared for the hazard near the wreck that can harm you badly. Beware of the scorpion fish that live around the wreck and may attack. Keep your diving tool or knife with you in case of safety. Be cautious with the edgy corners and metal edges of the wreck, bring extra lights with you in case you get lost inside the compartments. Mark the points it will help you in coming out without getting lost.

Wreck diving is thrilling, exciting, beautiful, spine-chilling but it needs a proper pre-planning pointing all the pros and cons of the location. Everyone needs to try this as it is once in a lifetime experience to remember. A well conducted research and guidance is all you need to stay safe and enjoy dive.

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