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5 scuba accessories divers can't live without

October 18, 2017 2 min read

We are no different than underwater species when we dive in deep to explore the oceans. The life seems more normal in water than on earth to a scuba diver.as it does not become a part of life, it feels like a life down there. The only contrast is “accessories” that human innovated in order to create life everywhere.

Scuba divers need accessories without which they can’t survive or do the job on a level they want to. The most essential diving equipments that are needed we all are aware about. Oxygen tank, mask, fins etc. still, there are lot of other equipments which are needed by a scuba diver that you may not familiar with.

The list is long but it still depends on a purpose of diving, here are list of 5 accessories that a scuba diver’s always keep with themselves regardless of their motive

1. Dive slates

It’s more like an underwater slates which is used by diver to communicate with the other diver. You can simply write on it while you dive, then rub it off immediately after to clean the slate and get ready for the next one. This basically come in use when hand signals aren’t enough to communicate the message. It is also used for mapping or to give indication of shark ahead.

2. Clips

There are variety of clips available, on which you can write an entire article.The main purpose of clip is to hold the things that diver consisting. It hold divers slate, flashlight, reels etc. which driver particularly don’t want to drop while diving. It make easier for diver to access it’s tools when in need.

3. Wetsuit shampoo

No shame, let’s face it when you dive deep down to the bottom, your diving suit just get stinky, caught bacteria, chlorine and salt. To get rid off it there is special neoprene shampoo comes that clean off all the stuffs from your suit quickly. This make suite last longer and smell nicer.

4. Defogger

The mask fog can be prevent through two ways by using saliva or mask defogger. Most of the scuba diver earlier prefer to use saliva as it is free and a natural process. After sometime, many find this process lot worse especially after consumption of food. Now there is a bottle of mask defogger available that can do the job perfectly, it proves to be more useful when you are doing several diving in one day.

5. wetsuit hangers

It’s not like your normal hangers that we usually have at our homes to hang clothes. There is special hangers made specifically for wetsuits. These hangers tends to dry the suite quicker and avoid damage to it.

There are lot of cool accessories out there that scuba divers love to use when they are underwater. Is there any favourite on of yours we missed? Let us know about it. Don’t forget to add more unique and useful one’s when next time going for a dive.

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