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Planning your diving trip: Here are 5 things you need

July 11, 2016 2 min read

You are planning to hit the ocean, soak in some water and enjoy the mystical aura of the deep ocean and its magnificent ecosystem. Good for you! Isles such as the Maldives, Belize, Galapagos, Komodo and Fiji offer  some of the most diverse,exotic and excellent choices for scuba diving. But at the end of the day, it all boils down to the extent of the adventure and sense of satisfaction the diving trip has imbibed.

How do you have a great time in the water?

Preparation for the big game.

Do you have the necessary gadgets, accessories and stamina to embark on the vocational journey of your lifetime?

The toughest decision before hitting such an endeavour is to decide what to pack and things to leave behind.

Here are a few things from my checklist that i recommend you double check before you head out into the big blue:

1- Grab your gear

Double check your equipment- Masks, Fins, Snorkels and the whole bunch! They better be there or else you are in trouble. Some of us do prefer to travel lite can find rental equipments at their destination. Just ensure you give your diving tour operator a heads up before you show up empty handed. Better to be wiser than in pain.

2- Casual clothes, please!

You don't need your your suits and jackets for the outing. Try a bit of tank tops, simple t-shirts coupled with casual trousers, flip flops and some decent underwear. Oh, and don't forget your swimwear. Believe me, you’ll need it.

3- Medication and other supplies

Toothpastes, Deodorant, lotions, eye drops and the other important items that you need to survive in your daily battles with urban life need to be thoroughly looked at. Simple stuff such as not packing your sleeping pills could potentially scuttle your trip and cut it short. Essential supplies such as sunscreens help shield your body from the harmful ultra violet radiation of our primary light source and with no trees in sight to lessen the effects (duh), you are likely to get sunburnt without them. Pack your essentials and double check their availability should the need arise.

4- First aid kits are mandatory

Hand sanitizers, smaller medical kits, cell phone chargers, motion sickness tablets and the rest are quite important for any journey that you undertake. Incase you lack a First-aid kit, you better inquire at the diving tour service provider’s office about the possibility of obtaining one.

5- Get your documents in order

Before you set out on your adventure, recheck your belongings to prevent misplacing any of your identity papers or certifications such as SSI (Scuba Schools International) or PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) as well as your logbooks. Medical certifications are also considered a priority. As mentioned earlier, have a brief conversation with your diving service operator over phone and confirm the documentations required to make your adventure into the mystical marine paradise a lot easier.

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