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Scuba Diving: Few Helpful Tips To Avoid Dive Damaged Hair

May 07, 2018 2 min read 1 Comment

Gone are the days when scuba diving used to be only male’s sport. Only trained and technical divers were allowed to go deep and stay long underwater. However, the diving world has drastically changed and in the recent time, the dive industry has exploded tenfold times than it was.  Now, the diving industry has been opened to everyone- male, female and even kids. It has honored all the sporting women, those interested in this sports and does not care it is considered a male sport.

Scuba divingis fun and people loves it. Well, if you are a female diver with long locks, you know very well what a mess it can be to tame it during and after diving. Also, the salt water can make your hair rough and dry. That's the reason it's so important for you to properly secure your tresses before going for advice.

Here are some of the helpful hair care tips for scuba divers to keep their locks beautiful and healthy and avoid dive damaged hair, no matter how much time you spend underwater.


Healthy and beautiful hair is moisturized, but chlorinated water can dry out your hair immensely. For protecting your hair from the harsh effects of salt water, you can apply a good product that can prevent damaging your tresses. In order to protect your hair, you can put some amount of coconut oil or make your hair wet, it can build a protective layer between your hair and the chlorinated or salt water. It's a best option to keep your hair moisturized underwater.


Another of the helpful hair care tips for divers is to apply a leave-in conditioner before jumping into the water. Put a good quality conditioner specially designed to avoid dive damaged hair.  The leave-in conditioner can work well and also keeps your hair silky. In case you are a regular diver, be sure to buy a biodegradable hair product in order to avoid polluting the underwater water environment.


If you have long and voluminous locks, it is utmost important to wear it an appropriate way to prevent the hair getting in front the mask, while diving. Some of the common hairstyles for scuba divers:

  • Ponytails
  • Topknot
  • Two side braids of french braid
  • Bandanas

Wearing any of the above-mentioned hairstyles not only keeps your locks healthy but it also holds your tresses back and prevent it from floating in your eyes and annoys you when you are diving.


The longer you let the salty water to stay into your hair after dive, the worse and harmful the effects. Experts recommend to rinse the hair with fresh water and good hair shampoo if available, then put leave-in conditioner and wash after some time. Hair is delicate and prone to damage, especially when it's wet.

So, these were some of the helpful tips that can help you avoid dive damaged hair, no matter how manydives trip you enjoy.

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gear by poseidon
gear by poseidon

May 07, 2020

good site and awesome post thanks for sharing

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