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Top 5 Diving sites for a perfect Christmas in Miami

December 18, 2017 2 min read

Are you planning to spend your christmas vacations in miami? No wonder, if you’re going for miami then scuba diving definitely made it to your list already.

Miami is best for those who just love to explore life below the surface. Many of you who already visited the place once before would be already aware about the fact that, miami has vast amount of options for diving. They have everything that one may be expecting from its scuba trip.

So, probably you are searching on web for the best scuba sites which will make your christmas vacations amazingly adventurous in miami.

I assure you that your search will end here after reading this article, as here i bring you 5 most beautiful diving sites which will give your miami trip a sure shot happy ending :-

1. Neptune memorial reef

Neptune memorial is the world’s first underwater cemetery which is an artificial interpretation of lost atlantis city. It is exactly situated in key biscayne (not too far from miami, florida). The location is standing 45 feet below the surface. The architecture is beautifully constructed with huge and amazingly designed gates, plaques and benches. It is not only the world’s largest manmade cemetery below the earth but also a great place to sit and enjoy the view of the place down there in peace.

2. Biscayne Artificial Reef

Biscayne is one of the most popular artificial reef in miami which immediately attract tourist with its eye pleasing structure which is situated 55 feet below the surface. This dive spot perfectly meet the hunger of divers. The place has tremendously beautiful aquatic view and thrilling dive which make this spot favourite of all localities and tourist.   

3. Belzona barge

If you’re a kind of person who is really interested in seeing wrecks down there then belzona barge is the perfect place for diving in miami. The wreck of ship was first went down to 70 feet below the surface but hurricane dislocated the barge from its position and moved the wreck to 35 feet. It is considered as one of the best spot for diving if the aim is to see wreck in waters. Also, perfect for those who are scared of deep waters as it's not that much deep as compared to other wrecks in another oceans.  

4.  Army tanks

As the name suggest itself, the diving spot is famous for its two bulky army tanks that are separated by the huge wall below the surface. The weight of these two vietnam tanks are appx 40 tons. The place is also goes by the name called wreck trek which is also a part of artificial reef. Not just the tanks, the spot has some beautiful esthetic features and marine life that one should be looking forward to.

Scuba diving is once in a lifetime experience that you will not forget throughout your life. Nothing could be more better than miami for spending christmas vacations. Now, choose your spot from above locations to get the most out of your scuba trip in miami.

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