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All You Need To Know About Scuba Diving Equipments

January 17, 2018 2 min read 1 Comment

New to diving? The very first experience of a dive may look complicated and irritating with all the gear that you have to put on for the dive. While some equipments might not look useful to most of us, they definitely serve an essential purpose when down under.

Every single equipment of diving has been designed keeping all the necessary precautions in mind. It would be unfair to give a judgment on the equipments which are designed for diving.

Here is a complete description about some major diving equipments that you cannot miss out on when going for a dive :-

Scuba suits

You will come across two type of scuba suits in the market, one is the wetsuit and other is a dry suit.

Warm suits are basically used for warm water, it keeps your body warm by preventing the water from entering inside the suit. Here sealing is the biggest concern, seal depends on length and thickness of the suit.

On the other hand, drysuits are commonly used for cold water. It keeps your body dry during a dive. The purpose of the suit is to keep the body warm and protected from cold water.

Scuba diving mask

Scuba diving is one of the basic equipment without which one cannot be allowed to dive. Mask is used to have a clear view of front, mask is made of plastic material where seal is made of silicon. Mask come in a variety of sizes from small volume mask to extended size mask. While purchasing or selecting a mask, please take a look at the seal carefully as it is the most crucial aspect of it. There are some mask which also throw water out in case of excessive level.


For diving you will need a fin to move freely without pushing too much or wasting energy. You can’t just swim deep in the ocean barefoot as it is deep and the pressure of water down below is high. There are various kind of fins varying in shape, length, size.

The two most basic types are “open fin” and “full foot”

Full foot

these fins get completely fit on your foot, they are made of soft and smooth rubber which makes them comfortable. It is better to go with the tight fit as it make swimming easier. However, they are not highly recommended by professionals.

Open finthis fins stay open from the heel but provide strap for securing. You need to wear boots below them in order to protect foot. These are the most common and preferable fins for diving. It provide great protection from cuts and cold water, highly recommended by the professional divers.

Other accessories

There are some other accessories too, such as diving knives, dive light, dive gloves, rings, hooks etc. although, these are not necessary but you can have if you’re into gadgets.

Bottom line

If you able to afford the expense then you can go for extra accessories. Otherwise, it would be better to purchase the basic equipments without which diving can’t be done. Try to seek advice from the experts regarding equipments.

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