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Underwater Photography: What Type Of Camera Should I Use?

November 15, 2017 3 min read

If you are a wanderer or a person who loves to explore new places and cities then clicking pictures is definitely the most beloved part of the journey. The most beautiful moments of life get past so quickly that the only thing remaining with you throughout life are memories of it in the form of images.   

Photography is a window through which you showcase your vision to the world. You put on display the life you experienced during that certain time at a certain place. Not everyone gets a chance to see natural wonders of the world from his/her naked eye. That’s where photography plays its role by giving everyone a chance to witness the beauty theirselves.  

Going deep into the oceans is a once in a lifetime experience that you want to hold with you as a memory of a lifetime. The ocean has stories to tell through its wrecks and the marine life, something that needs to be photographed in order to be remembered for long.

A seeker always looks out for ways to get the best out of every trip. When it comes to clicking under the water, it becomes essential to give special attention to the camera that will be able to produce superior quality visuals down there.

Let’s go through all the best cameras available in market for underwater photography to make a best buy before your next trip to the underwater world :-

Olympus Tough tg-5

As the name suggests itself, Olympus Tough TG-5 is one of the most rugged cameras that can survive almost any weather condition. The quality of the camera is top notch, not just in context to its physical toughness but the high definition visuals it produces. There are only a few cameras that can match the rugged nature of the Olympus tough tg-5.

It becomes the one and only series which dropped its pixels from 16 mp to 12 mp. This doesn’t imply that it is going to affect the quality instead this was done to reduce noise in the images. The camera is able to record a perfectly good 4k video at 30p or higher speed in ease.

Nikon Coolpix w300

Without giving it a second thought, I would recommend this camera as one of the best to use for underwater photography. It offers you a 4k resolution video recording with WiFi, GPS, world map as well as a gauge to measure the depth of the area. Moreover, it consists of high resolution that has 921k dots per Oled. Not just that, it is capable of going deep down up to 30 meters.

GoPro Hero 6

Dedicated cameras have gotten overshadowed in the past few years. Irrespective of that we would say you go for a camera which is specifically designed for underwater photography other than safeguarding and using a regular camera. If you are specifically looking to explore the ocean bed in your next trip then nothing can provide you more satisfactory performance than a GoPro.

If your purpose is to record videos then it can give you a 4k resolution videos at 60fps easily. It can also click 12 mp resolution photos where you also have option to save raw file.

Bottom Line

Whenever you are going on a trip where you know you may have to face tough climatic conditions then buying n rugged camera is the best option. All latest cameras listed here are rough & tough. If your purpose is to click photographs under water then a dedicated camera can do the job perfectly.

You can also look for other suggestive options like the “Canon Powershot D30” and “Panasonic Lumix ft5” which might be a little older but still stand as one of the most powerful underwater cameras.  

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